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 Prism has vast experience in supplying complete Painting lines,spray booths,paint finishing systems for painting Rail coaches/trains,Wagons,locomotives and railway components.Our range of equipment for the railway industry include robotic blasting equipment,manual blasting equipment,Paint booths(specially designed for painting rail coaches,wagons and locomotives),energy efficient paint curing/baking ovens,Catalytic ovens,waste water treatments and paint sludge separation systems.
We supply complete robotic blasting,manual blasting for blasting the rail wagons and coaches before painting.
Prism specially designs paint booths for rail wagons,rail coaches and locomotives.These paint booths have been supplied to various customers such as Indian railways,Jindal railways and modern industries.
Our Gas catalytic ovens was installed for curing the paint of the rail wagons.This catalytic oven reduces the curing time to 3 minutes compared to conventional paint curing oven which usually takes 12 minutes,this brings down the drying time and energy costs by a huge margin.The running cost is also very less due to low fuel consumption by the gas catalytic oven
Prisms Painting lines for railways are very cost effective with proven designs and successful plants running worldwide.
Prism also undertakes and has executed many special government projects worldwide for railway painting.

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