Various range of industrial paint booths is based on a modular concept. This concept enables each booth to be customized to suit any specific requirement. The size of the Booth is determined by the size, shape, production of the components, etc… to be coated. Booths are designed, engineered and built to comply with exacting

INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS whether the surface is WOOD, PLASTIC or METAL. We can create paint booths that exactly meet your requirements irrespective of object, size and shape.

Side draft or down draft booths, pressurized and non-pressurized booths, water wash & non-water wash booths, painting-cum-baking facilities for refinishing of cars can be created.

Spray painting booth for smaller components

Most advanced booths with 99.9% over spray PAINT COLLECTION EFFICIENCY with VOC emissions well within permissible world standards are offered.

Powder Spray Booth 4
Liquid painting booth for heavy industry
Liquid painting booth for heavy vehicles

Pressurized safe light chambers, equal earth bonding, explosion relief doors, special paint filtration systems, conform to the highest international safety standards.

Air washer units with or without humidity control offer the maximum level of DUST CONTROL inside the paint booth to ensure WORLD CLASS PAINT FINISH.

Dust free pressurized booths can be designed with one set of fans in a single booth with NATURAL EXHAUST. These are offered in designs that ensure the lowest power consumption.

We have installed more than 200 paint boothS in India.Our locations include Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Surat, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, kolkata, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Vishakapatnam, Jamshedpur etc.

Our Paint spray booths have been installed in Indonesia,Vietnam,Thailand,Switzerland,UAE/dubai,Oman,Saudi arabia,Russia,Brazil,Argentina,Germany,Philippines,Qatar,France,Kenya,Nigeria,Egypt,Algeria,Morocco,South Africa,Tunisia,Bulgaria,Czech Republic,Israel,Lebanon,Bahrain,Jordan etc.

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