Wood painting
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Prism Surface Coatings provides complete turnkey automated solutions for the painting line consisting of a spray booth with dust free room, Catadyne Oven and conveyor. It manufactures and offers Side Draft and Down Draft Paint Booths that are pressurised or non-pressurised for the wood and furniture based finishing applications. These are innovative, energy efficient (huge savings of power) in designs and offer value for money. Both these types of paint booths can be constructed either as Dry Type or Water wash.

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In the dry paint booth the excess paint is trapped by Paint Arresting media and in the water wash paint booth water is used as a media for trapping the excess paint. The paint arresting media used in the dry paint booths are imported and have a higher paint holding capacity . These filters have no risk of electric fire according to European Directive ATEX-91/9/CE. Most importantly it is Non-Carcinogenic. Hence safety and environment is duly taken care of. The clogged filters are easy to replace and easy to dispose off. Prism also offers water wash paint booths with on line paint coagulation system. With this system paint content in the circulating water will be less than 0.2%. This leads to the venturi never being clogged resulting in consistent exhaust air parameters, less maintenance and avoid booth cleaning to remove the sludge formed. The frequency of water change can even be once in a year. On account of this there is a uniform suction available throughout the paint booth resulting in good finish and offer operator comfort. Pressurized paint booths are also available with temperature and humidity controls. The paint booth venturi section and dewatering section is fully assembled, welded and shipped from PRISM factory to ensure consistent performance. The oven is equipped with modern technology energy efficient heaters to dry off the finish paint.

Dust extraction systems

Dust Collector: Prism surface provides customized industrial dust collectors which are widely used in the wood industry for hardboard plants, particle board plants, saws and various other wood processing applications. The high volume of dust particulate generated in the processing of wood products creates a major issue in the quality of the product. Prism provides exclusive dust extraction systems used to extract the waste wood generated during the processing stages collected via wood working machines. It offers cyclonic type dust collectors for heavy / course dust and Bag filter type dust collectors for fine dust. It manufactures high efficient bag filter type dust collectors with pulse jet reverse cleaning system for effective cleaning of the bags and improve the suction efficiency of the wood dust generated.

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The wood dust will be transferred from its source (wood working machine) to the dust collector through ductings at required velocity. The material discharge equipments like rotary air lock valve and Screw conveyor (for continuous discharge of wood dust fitted at the bottom of the dust collectors) is provided along with the dust collectors. Normally in the door and plywood industries, there can be possibilities of fire / spark generation during the sanding operation unknowingly on a metal part (which may be present). Considering the safety aspects of the system, explosion doors are provided at the dusty zone of the bag filter type dust collector to prevent any disastrous when there is any fire in the system. Relevant spark detector and fire extinguisher is also provided based on the customer’s requirement.

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