PRISM provides solutions for complete powder coating systems that are modular in design and tuned to another optimally be it job coaters or OEMs.

Powder booths are offered in Stainless Steel or Plastic.MULTICYCLONES or CARTRIDGE type powder recovery systems ensure clean & safe work environment.

Efficient powder recovery & recycling systems ensure higher PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS. Smooth & curved internal surface of the booths assist swift & efficient cleaning. Booth & detachable recovery systems are mounted on castors for easy & quick mobility during color change.

Optimum air exhaust to maintain LOWER EXPLOSION LIMIT of powder concentration inside the booth.

On-line SIEVING MACHINES ensures quality powder recycle. Precise and close tolerance control of powder thickness on jobs can be achieved by engineering and synchronizing the conveyor speed, reciprocator speed, powder output, proper jigging, earthing, air flows, etc.

Temperature and humidity controlled tightly sealed enclosures are built with EPS insulation to provide a "DUST FREE" powder coating environment.

powdersprayplantPowder coating plant layout

Normally it is the dream of the production manger to install two or more powder spray booths and equipment to meet the demands of more colours.

But it is a nightmare to the management because it means higher investment, higher running costs and larger space.

However, the customer and market conditions demand more and more colours.

In such a situation install the FLEXIBLE RECOVERY SYSTEM Powder Spray Booth which will cater to the constantly changing market conditions.

Spray Booth Configuration
  • Powder coated sheet steel
  • Multi-cyclone unit with powder container
  • Cartridge filters with compressed air reverse pulse cleaning system
  • Powder recycling system with sieve
  • Stainless steel spray booth
  • Stainless steel multi-cyclones
  • Additional multi-cyclones set with powder container for quick colour change
  • Additional cartridge recovery set with powder container for main colour
  • Squeegee system for automatic powder recovery from the floor of the booth
Technical Data Required From Customers
  • Height and width of the product?
  • Conveyor speed or number of guns used?
  • Type of product to be coated?
  • Preferred material of construction of spray booth / multi-cyclone?
  • For colour change additional multi-cyclone set or cartridge set required?
  • Squeegee required?



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