Prism manufactures,supplies and installs the complete Paint Booth with baking/heating/drying in a single chamber .Large sized objects which are difficult to move and handle from paint booths to ovens can use a  Paint booth with baking chamber.Paint booth with baking/heating/drying is a paint booth and an oven in the same chamber/enclosure/room.It usually speeds up painting and drying processes of large sized equipment.Special paint booth accessories such as lifts and 3 axis platforms  can be provided along with the paint booth with baking chamber.

Paint Booth with baking/drying can be used by manufacturers of Windmills,Bus bodies,Rail coaches/wagons,Locomotives, Containers, Trucks, Construction Machinery and many large sized objects which are difficult to handle/move .Our paint booths with heating and drying have been installed in India,Uae/dubai,Kenya,Nigeria,Vietnam,south Africa,mexico,Brazil,Argentina,Russia,Ecuador,Saudi arabia,Qatar,Oman,Bahrain,Israel,Lebanon,Iran,egypt,morocco,Algeria,Australia,Jordan,Indonesia,Thailand,Philippines,Myanmar,France,mexico,Canada,united states etc.


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 Special 3 axis platforms are used to paint the top part of the surfaces of large objects



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