Prism along with OMT is the world leader in supplying complete plastic painting coating line and plants for automotive industries which include plastic mirrors,bumpers,two wheeler parts,automotive interior parts and other plastic parts.Key strengths consist of German engineering at Indian manufacturing costs.

Our systems include paint spray booth with temperature and humidity controls,robotic flaming systems,paint baking ovens,paint sludge separation system,conveyor systems,paint kitchens up to many colors,robots,paint application equipment etc.

Our special magic painter gun is ideal to paint plastic bumper,mirror,two wheeler parts and automotive interior parts.Magic painter gun does not use compressed air and saves up to 60% paint giving a unbeatable finish on plastic.As there is no compressed air used it will eliminate issues related to oil/moisture and bring down maintenance costs in your paint shop.Magic painter also eliminates the complete primer for plastics which can reduce investment costs.

Prism and OMT has installed many plastic painting coating line and plants in Germany,Poland,France,japan,Russia,Brazil,Argentina,India,Vietnam,Thailand,,israel,Philippines,Indonesia,egypt,Africa,turkey,Bulgaria,america,mexico,Saudi arabia,czech republic,china etc

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