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Powder coating of distribution transformers 

Prism has supplied many Painting and Powder coating plants for coating  transformers.For Powder coating distribution transformers the following systems are used

  • Chemical spray pre treatment plants for transformer with a special nano technology
  • Unique powder coating booths,powder guns with recovery systems to powder coat the transformer especially the fins which is difficult to reach inside the transformer and it is subject to high corrosion
  • Energy efficient Water drying ovens and powder curing ovens to cure the powder after powder coating
  • special conveyor systems

Distribution transformers are generally exposed to harsh conditions such as rain,wind and other stringent conditions. Conventional spray painting methods is not enough to penetrate between the fins and protect it against corrosion.We ensure that our powder coating plants will help achieve transformer manufacturers C4 and C5 Quality standards.

Painting Power transformers

Prism also supplies complete spray paint booths and paint booth with heating to paint large power transformers. To paint large power transformers,manufacturers can also use our multi axis Pneumatic paint operator lifts which is fitted inside a paint booth where the operator can stand and move horizontally,vertically and along the length of the paint booth to paint the transformer.This will increase the efficiency and productivity in painting while also bringing down repainting costs for the manufacturer.


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