Prism is a manufacturer and supplier complete Paint Booth with baking/heating/drying systems. Large sized objects which are difficult to move  from paint booths to ovens can use a  paint booth with baking chamber where painting and drying can happen in the same chamber. Paint booth with baking/heating/drying is a paint booth and an oven in the same chamber/enclosure/room. It usually speeds up painting and drying processes of large sized equipment. Special paint booth accessories such as lifts and 3 axis platforms  can be provided along with the paint booth with baking chamber. Temperature and humidity control systems can also be provided. All our paint booths follow international standards such as NFPA, OSHA, CE , ICC etc.

We have supplied paint booth with heating and baking for aerospace and railway industry.

Paint Booth with baking/drying can be used by manufacturers of aircraft, helicopters, Windmills, Bus bodies, Rail coaches/wagons, Locomotives, Containers, Trucks, Construction Machinery and many large sized objects which are difficult to handle/move .Our paint booths with heating and drying have been installed in India, UAE /dubai,Kenya, Nigeria, Vietnam, south Africa, mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ecuador, Saudi arabia,Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Israel, Lebanon,Iran,egypt,morocco, Algeria, Australia, Jordan, Indonesia,Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, France, mexico, Canada, united states etc.

In India we have installed our paint booth with ovens in  Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, kolkata, Gujarat, Mumbai, dharwad, Coimbatore, Madurai, sanand, Ahmedabad, Indore, faridabad, Hyderabad, vishakapatnam etc.


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 Special 3 axis platforms are used to paint the top part of the surfaces of large objects



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