Prism Reciprocators and Automation

With the latest motion techniques you are optimally equipped for perfect coating results with our reciprocators which is used for powder coating and painting.Whether long or short stroke our reciprocator can perform each individual motion sequence precisely and part can be coated efficiently.

Vertical Movement:These Reciprocators are ideally suited for those components moving on a conveyor which are vertically hanged. 

Horizontal Movement:These Reciprocators are suitable for components over roller conveyors either to coat on top of the objects or the top and the bottom with reciprocator placed on the top and the bottom side of the components.

Z Axis Movement:These are ideal for components which are hanged vertically with different widths on the same conveyor systems with suitable identification systems to adjust on the Z axis whenever components of different dimensions are entered.

Advantages of Prism Reciprocators

  • Economical
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact design that saves you space
  • Greater Motion Accuracy
  • Separation from Application control and Motion control
  • Improves Coating quality and saves you manpower



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