Prism is a supplier and manufacturer of complete Pneumatic 3 Axis operator platforms,industrial paint finishing lifts, man lifts and access platforms which are used in paint spray booths to paint large objects. Our platforms can also be used in shot blasting rooms and chambers where large objects are manually blasted.

When would you require a 3 axis/operator platform?

  • When the component being painted is beyond the reach of the human hand  which are usually large objects
  • To increase the productivity and quality of painting
  • To reduce operators fatigue
  • To Ensure operators safety during painting while increasing the surface treatment quality and efficiency in painting.
  • To reach difficult parts of the component during painting
  • To reduce repainting costs and increase productivity



Advantages of Prism's Pneumatic 3 Axis platforms

Prism's platforms are powered by air and it is completely pneumatic and safe to operate in hazardous/explosive environments such as spray/paint booths as well as blast rooms. Our platforms are easy to operate and requires less maintenance.Prism  Axis platforms are better alternatives than step ladders or scaffolding systems. Prisms platforms are sold at cost effective prices as its designed in Germany and manufactured in India which will add value to our clients.

Main areas of Application

Our platforms are used mainly in spray/painting booths to paint aircraft, windmills, Automotive components, power transformers, large valves, rail coaches/wagons/locomotives, buses/trucks and any large object which is beyond the reach of the human hand.

Our Pneumatic platforms, paint finishing lifts, multi axis platforms and lifts can be exported to USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kenya, dubai, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, United kingdom, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, mexico, Peru, Ecuador, France, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel,Iran, Ireland, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Philippines etc.



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