Prism is the world leader in supplying complete paint sludge removal equipment and separation systems with numerous installations in India and cities in Pune,chennai,Delhi,Gujarat,Bangalore etc.Our systems are designed in Germany and manufactured in India.Most Customers in India and worldwide are suffering with their paint sludge removal equipment which is increasing their running costs and we know the solution to manufacture a good paint sludge removal systems and equipment.

PRISM offers a continuous online paint coagulation and paint separation system which will ensure less than 0.2% of paint sludge in the water being circulated in the water wash paint booth. 

This system will continuously remove the paint sludge from the circulating water and will maintain a very low percentage of paint sludge in the circulating water (<0.2%) at any point of time.

This system has numerous advantages over the conventional pit design. The size of the sludge pit required can be reduced greatly by 70% thereby reducing the pit costs. The water replacement frequency when using the system is once in 12 months or more, as compared to once in a month when using a conventional sludge pit. Also, the moisture content in the sludge that is skimmed off using this system is around 40% as compared to 70% moisture when extracted from the conventional pit. This system is free from maintenance thereby enabling your booth to operate at maximum efficiency with minimum running costs. With this system can completely avoid the manual cleaning of sludge pit, flow plates, blower & its impeller and removal of sludge from the tank.
How Prisms paint sludge removal and separation systems are different from others?
  • The change of water in the spray booth must be carried out only every 12 months.
  • The automatically extracted sludge has a very low volume of water, thanks to the easy dewatering.
  • The water volume in the pit will be reduced of 70% compared to conventional pit design due to continuous mud extraction.
  • The concentration of the noxious substances in the air will be reduced to minimum.
  • Since the percentage of paint sludge in the circulating water is very low, spray booths maintenance costs will be reduced to more than 90%.
  • Our plants are completely automatic and the operation is very easy.
  • PRISM will take the total responsibility/guarantee for the system by supplying the chemical as well as equipment and continuous after sales support.

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