Risk management is a real concern for every business, and painting or powder coating is no exception.The liability of providing o poor quality coating finish could range from re-coating your product to the replacement of all the products damaged!

The only way to totally manage the risk is to be in total control. It means investing in a proper curing oven to start with.

The curing oven should be able to perform consistently over a long period of time and control all cure parameters.

A well designed curing oven means part of your product liability is well under control.

Why compromise? When you can be sure with our curing ovens.

Prism curing ovens are well known from their temperature accuracy.

This is achieved with an effective air seal between the oven and outside ambient conditions. The oven airflow is not disturbed because the gravity seal, used in the ‘A’ zone oven, effectively restricts the cold air entry into the oven. This, combined with the correct air flow circulation inside the oven, helps in achieving accurate temperature control.

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Straight ground mounted ovens are used for products which cannot be lifted up and down in the conveyor. For example: 7 meter long aluminium profiles, automotive bodies, barrels etc.

Camelback ovens are more efficient when compared to ground mounted ovens mainly due to effective sealing between the oven and outside ambient conditions.


A-Zone ovens offer the best sealing, hence it is the most efficient compared to all types of ovens. It also helps in maintaining accurate and uniform metal temperature during the melting and curing period. This produces an excellent finish and helps in obtaining all the mechanical properties of the coated film.

Straight elevated ovens are used for water drying purpose at relatively low temperature. These ovens can form part of the combination oven together with curing oven.


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