Prism Surface Coatings provides complete turnkey environmental control clean rooms and dust extraction systems. 
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Dust extraction systems

Dust Collector: Prism surface provides customized industrial dust collectors which are widely used in the painting industry  and blast room. It offers cyclonic type dust collectors for heavy / course dust and Bag filter type dust collectors for fine dust. It manufactures high efficient bag filter type dust collectors with pulse jet reverse cleaning system for effective cleaning of the bags and improve the suction efficiency.

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The  dust will be transferred from its source (wood working machine) to the dust collector through ductings at required velocity. The material discharge equipment's like rotary air lock valve and Screw conveyor (for continuous discharge of wood dust fitted at the bottom of the dust collectors) is provided along with the dust collectors. . Considering the safety aspects of the system, explosion doors are provided at the dusty zone of the bag filter type dust collector to prevent any disastrous when there is any fire in the system. Relevant spark detector and fire extinguisher is also provided based on the customer’s requirement.

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