DSC02674 l   Liquid painting booth
Powder coating booth   car-auto


Prism manufactures and supplies complete Painting line/plants for cars,buses,truck,3 wheeler vehicles,2 wheelers(bikes,motorbikes) and the automotive industry.Our range of equipment includes Pre treatment plants/equipment,Paint booths(temperature and humidity controlled),Robotic Paint Booths,Special Dry type Paint booths,Wet Type Paint booths(water wash booths),Pneumatic Operator Platforms(3 axis platforms), cost effective Paint drying/curing ovens,Gas radiation Ovens which gives huge energy saving,material handling systems,environmental control systems(Dust extraction booths),Conveyors,Paint kitchens,Shower tester booths(to test for water leakage).Dry filter type or water wash booths or a combination of both paint booths can be offered to meet international codes and safety standards.Our special dry scrubber systems can make paint disposal very easy and cost effective compared to water wash or a dry filter type paint booth.

Prism and OMT has installed many automotive paint shops and paint systems worldwide.Our plants have been installed in Russia,Germany,Brazil,Africa,Kenya,egypt,uae,Thailand,Vietnam,Indonesia,turkey,Iran,Jordan,Israel,Poland,china,Nigeria,Saudi arabia,Qatar,Kuwait,usa,mexico etc.

Prism also manufactures and supplies refinishing booths for cars,trucks,buses and aircraft. This includes paint booths,Paint booth cum oven,Paint curing and baking ovens. 



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