Powder coating line Powder coating plant
DSCN1036 Pre-treatment plants
Coating lines   Dry type paint booth   Grit blasting room
Dry type paint booth   Drying ovens   Grit blasting room
Dry type paint booth


Prism has vast experience in the automotive industry is intangible.Our range of products for auto components include Paint booths which include dry type and wet type,automatic painting lines with robots and resiprocators,paint baking ovens,chemical Pre treatment plants,Complete shot blasting equipment which include manual and robotic blasting,3 axis operator platforms,conveyors etc.Prism supplies Powder coating lines for auto components which include spray and dip chemical pre treatment plants,energy effecient water drying and powder curing ovens,powder coating booths (available with temprature and humidity control) with recovery systems,conveyors,Shot blasting equipment with blast rooms etc.

Prism along with OMT specializes in powder coating lines for wheel rims where unique designs are used and these plants are running successfully worlwide.





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