Prism is a manufacturer and supplier of aircraft painting equipment and aircraft hangar paint booth inserts. Spray Paint booth inserts are usually added in large painting hangars which are used to paint commercial and other aircraft's in MRO. We convert hangars with facilities ideal for more efficient painting. We ensure proper lighting, airflow, temperature, humidity and paint over spray disposal as per environmental control regulations. This can be used for military as well as commercial aircraft paint booth hangars. There is no need to demolish and construct a new paint booth hangar instead we can retrofit a paint booth into the current painting hangar. Without a proper paint booth commercial and other aircraft will not achieve proper finishing i and the cost of painting as well as paint consumption will increase.

Prism also offers the magic painter gun system which is ideal to paint commercial aircraft's such as Boeing and airbus. Magic painter system is the ideal gun because the system supplies warm dry air without oil and humidity which is essential for painting.This can happen because the magic painter system does not use compressed air It also has better paint atomisation and it can save upto 50% Paint and save aircraft manufacturers huge money in terms of paint. The magic painter gun does not produce any over spray. Aircraft paint is very expensive and finish has to be excellent before its put to use.This replaces 100 year technology on electrostatic gun and HVLP guns. 

Prism has installed paint booth hangars and aircraft paint booths in airports in India which include Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore Mumbai, Dubai, Abu dhabhi  UAE, Thailand, egypt, Algeria, Qatar, Saudi arabia , Kuwait, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, morocco, Indonesia etc.


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