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Critical Factors for Paint sludge removal system

Paint sludge removal or separation system is one of the most critical parts of a painting plant where the excess paint which is trapped has to be disposed off correctly to meet pollution control board norms. We have come across many customers who are currently suffering with their paint sludge separation systems and continuously increasing their running costs.

Prism offers continuous online paint coagulation system which makes sure 0.2% of paint is only being circulated in the water of your water wash paint booth which lets your run on maximum efficiency and does not stop production.Lets look at some of the factors of what makes a good sludge separation treatment system which can lower you running costs:

  1. The change of water must be carried out only after a year. if you are changing your water ever few months then the system needs to be replaced as it can increase your running and maintenance costs which will hamper your production.
  2. The size of the pit must be less with which will save  you on investment costs for the pit.With prism system , the pit size  is reduced by over 70%.
  3. Automatic sludge which is extracted should have a very low volume of water thanks to dewatering efficiency.
  4. You must be able to avoid cleaning the sludge pit manually which will involve cleaning your blowers, flow plates, impllers etc.
  5. Water volume in the pit should be very low compared to traditional pit design due to continuous mud extraction
  6. VOC concentration in the air must be minimum with a good sludge removal system to meet pollution control norms.

Prism is a manufacturer of complete sludge removal and treatment systems which are designed in Germany and manufactured in India.



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