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Best Paint Gun for Aircraft Finishing and Military Aircraft

Aircraft manufacturers and Aircraft paint workshops/hangars spend a lot of money on painting their helicopters, fighter jets, military trucks/battle tanks etc. This is because these are large equipment’s and requires huge amounts of paint to complete one coat of paint. The paint is also very expensive for painting aircraft. There are also many finish issues which occurs in aircraft painting due to compressed air technology which usually consists of oil and moisture.

Prism Has developed a revolutionary technology along with an american company where we replace 100 year old compressed air technology with the MAGIC PAINTER SYSTEM where we eliminate the need for compressed air and it saves you upto 60% paint with a high transfer efficiency. Magic painter will not give you a high over spray. During aircraft painting a lot of paint over spray is created with normal guns, with the magic painter system paint over spray is eliminated and you achieve a more superior finish due to the absence of compressed air. Magic Painter will decrease your maintenance costs and also help your filters last longer. VOCS are drastically reduced and leads to a cleaner greener paint booth which is environmental friendly. More importantly you save money.

The magic painter principle follows a high volume low pressure principle where high volume of air is generated to atomize the paint. As the high pressure is eliminated, the paint is sprayed at 0.7 bar the paint over spray is drastically reduced and you are able to achieve most of the paint being transferred on to the component giving you a high transfer efficiency. As the system supplies warm dry air, it can also speed up the drying process. Energy costs also reduce as compressor maintenance costs come down as the need for an air dryer for the compressor is also eliminated.

Magic Painter Gun vs Electrostatic guns

Magic painter system does not need any type of paint resistivity to be maintained or any type of grounding or earthing like electrostatic guns. Grounding and earthing increases maintenance costs and decreases operator safety. Cost of electrostatic paint is also expensive. In the magic painter gun, all painful procedures associated with electrostatic guns is eliminated and increases operator safety.




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